This is where I show my work.

*this post, along with the rest of the site, is under construction. tread carefully.

You can watch my latest reel in the next post.

There’s a page with only audio posts.

Also, you’ll find material that has video here.

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VideoSong: covering Nataly Dawn’s “Right Decision”


dustinorange-deactivated2014011 asked: do you do live drums or do you use fruity loops?

In these I used another sample player, called superior drummer. When I can, I prefer to use real drums.

Original: an unfinished song. I recorded a videosong while recording this, soon I’ll upload it.

Cover: and old cover of an old favorite.

Original: An unfinished idea. One of many…

Music Composition: a study on writing music to a fixed video edit; experiment with Persian + rock feel

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